Residence 7 Windows

Redefining Windows & Doors for Modern Lifestyles

Residence 7 from the Residence Collection Range is the latest addition to our catalogue which offers a fully flushed finish both inside and out, it can achieve U value as low as 0.8 and offers superior weather and security performance.

R7 windows have been designed to embrace multiple manufacturing techniques and offers a welding technique which can fuse the joints together for a clean contemporary look. The Timberweld® process welds the profiles with a timber look to both sides giving it a clean finish and making it suitable for both contemporary and traditional homes.

Residence 7 windows and doors are finished to perfection, combining a modern flush appearance with all your personalised choices for your perfect home.

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Add value to your home

Flush inside and out with a variety of styles and maintenance-free finishes available. An A++ energy rating means sustainable and energy-efficient windows for your dream home.

Key Features

  • Superior weather and security performance.
  • Flush inside and out.
  • A variety of styles finishes available.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • An A++ energy rating.
  • 7-chamber system to offer exceptional thermal performance.
  • Double & Triple glaze available.

At K&K Windows, we provide an array of different window units that comply with the residence 7 design style. If you are considering upgrading your windows or have a new build project on the go, then why not get in contact with us or download further information? The friendly team members at K&K will be only too pleased to answer any questions you have about this contemporary range of window products.

Residence 7 – Redefining Windows & Doors

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All your questions answered.

Is Residence 7 UPVC sustainable?
Our Residence R7 collection offers all the choices to help you complete your dream home. What makes this solution even more remarkable is that uPVC is much greener than you realise. It helps to keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer, helping you save on energy bills. R7 windows and doors can help achieve a Window Energy Rating (WER) of A+ and a U-value of 0.8W/ (m2.K). All our products can also be fully recycled.
What’s the main difference between R7 and R9 windows?
The biggest difference between these two window systems is the overall thickness of the frames (inside to out). Residence 7 is a seven-chambered window, while Residence 9 is a nine-chambered window. They do appear somewhat identical from the outside, however, the R7 window is more flush and decorative from the inside.
How long do uPVC Residence 7 Windows Last?
uPVC double glazed windows will last from 20-25 years.
Can you paint Residence 7 windows?
It’s natural to think about painting our windows as the finish has an authentic timber look. However, they are a maintenance-free alternative to timber which means they will not need painting, sanding, or staining. There are a wide range of colours to choose from click here and you just need to wipe them with some warm water to keep them looking pristine for years to come!
What colours work for Residence 7 windows?
Need a specific colour? This solution comes in a range of colours and shades to suit different architectural periods and individual choices. Think rosewood, cream, Painswick, golden oak and electric grey. The list is endless.
Does Residence 7 offer decent insulation?
Yes. With your Residence 7 windows and doors, you can achieve an ‘A++’ Energy Rating, 0.8 w/m²k u-value. Expect your monthly bills to decrease in cost with this top-notch product choice.
How safe are Residence 7 windows and doors?
Residence 7 windows come complete with a multi-point shoot-bolt locking complete with a night vent facility. Since the sashes are bonded with the bead on the inside, the glass is tough to remove or break.
How should we clean Residence 7 windows?
It’s really easy, just some hot soapy water! Or if it needs a deeper clean there’s an approved cleaner called ‘Cosmofen 20’ (pop it into Google, it’s available from a range of outlets online). Please do not use any other solvents or cleaners.
What glazing options are available with the Residence Collection?
All of the Residence Collection systems are available in double and triple glazed options ranging from 28mm to 44mm.
What u-value can you achieve with Residence 7 windows?
All systems can achieve 1.2 with double glazing and our lowest is 0.74 with triple glazing.

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7 Chamber System Thermal Performance

A++ Energy Rating

Double & Triple Glazes Available

Flush Inside & Out

High Quality Materials

Styles & Colours

Thermal & Noise Insulation

Maintenance Free

Variety of Styles & Finishes

Weather & Security Performance