Stable Doors

The K&K Windows Stable door has proved to be a very popular choice over the past years. Whether it is for a renovation project or a new build it provides a homely feeling and add a touch of rustic charm to any home.

We offer our stable doors with a tilt and turn window as the top leaf, this can be fully opening allowing in light and opening up a space or set to tilt allowing the outside air in. This has become a top seller as it offers various options depending on what is suitable to each home.

Stable doors are great options for front or back doors and are available in a great range of colours allowing you to make a statement in your home. Here at K&K Windows we offer stable doors with a solid bottom half or alternatively, a glass bottom leaf allowing even more light in to your space which works so well as a balcony or feature door in a room.

Not only are our stable doors a charming addition to your home they also provide you with peace of mind and security. Made on site by our team, they comes with a multi-point locking system as well as a super-strong core and offer the lowest possible U value.

Key Features

  • Low u-Value
  • High-security
  • Air and ventilation focused
  • Allows light in