Superb French Windows On Offer From K&K Windows

French windows are designed to maximise the amount of sunlight you can get in your home by offering a greater expanse of glazing. The uPVC frames we use at K&K Windows for our French window products are slim so that the panes of glass can be as large as possible, thereby making your home as light and airy as is feasible. If you are looking for window products that look stylish, perform well and that are just a little bit different from conventional casement windows, then you should explore our range of French windows in greater depth.

Key Features

  • Robust hinges and opening mechanisms
  • slimline frames which help to maximise the available level of light while offering a subtly attractive finish whether you are looking at your windows from the inside or the outside.
  • double or triple glazing available to maximise the thermal efficiency of your new windows
  • thermal insulation
  • internal locks that will make your home more secure
  • various opening styles

Caring For Your French Windows After Installation

Because uPVC has been used in the construction of your French windows’ frames, there will be very little you need to do to maintain your windows after they are fitted. In most cases, the windows just need to be wiped over occasionally to remove grime. Just wipe your window frames every time you clean the glazing and that’s it!

Discover More About Our Stylish French Window Collection

At K&K Windows, we have installed French windows in many different types of properties. If you would like to see what these superbly designed products look like in real life, then why not get in contact with one of our approachable team? We have numerous case studies we can show you so you will get a much better idea of what these windows look like in similar settings to your own. Please feel free to contact us today.