Angles, Arches and Circle Windows

At K&K Windows, we supply top-notch windows with uPVC frames in all shapes and sizes. Along with out conventional, rectangular casement windows, for example, you can also obtain some excellent examples of arched, round and angular windows.

Every window is custom made with your choice of frame, glass and configuration making them adaptable to your project.

Key Features of Angled, Circular and Arched Windows 

  • Robust frames made from sturdy and long-lasting uPVC
  • A lower construction cost than other materials
  • Both double and triple glazed units accommodated
  • High thermal insulation properties
  • Tight seals around the frames to prevent draughts
  • Tough locks and attractive handles for easy operation
  • Attractive finishes in a range of colours and wood-grain effects

In addition to these features, angled, circular and arched windows all offer something else. This is their overall design, specifically the shape of the window. Each unit can accommodate specially made glazing to fit into any space, such as an angled window to fill up the space formed by roof eaves in a gable.

Our round windows can be supplied to offer a porthole-like look. Alternatively, you can opt for much larger circular windows depending on the look you want to achieve. Our arched windows can be supplied with a semi-circular, Roman-style arch or as a Gothic arch with a pointed end. In short, all shapes, sizes and designs can be accommodated for your specific needs.

Key Benefits of Angled, Circular and Arched Windows 

  • Special shaping to give your residence a distinctive look
  • Allow more light in by extending your window’s glazing beyond the horizontal
  • Bespoke designs for both traditional and modern architecture
  • Keep your heating bills down with high-performance windows in any shape
  • Enjoy better ventilation by replacing legacy windows with new ones that can open

Looking After uPVC Windows of Different Shapes

Although you might think that maintaining windows with non-standard shapes is harder work, it’s not. It is easy to keep uPVC frames in good condition even if the joints do not always meet at right angles. Simply remove grime with a soapy cloth just as you would with the panes of glass. Other than that, you can expect your arched, circular and angled uPVC windows to last for years without any significant maintenance.