High-Quality Composite Doors – The Palladio Collection

Our range of composite doors combines great looks with a number of superb design features that make them stand out from other external doors. Your choice of front door has a big effect on the overall appearance of your home, so choosing something that is both stylish and offers high performance is always ideal. That is exactly why we supply composite doors from the Palladio collection – a patented range that when combined with glazing will allow plenty of light into your home while still affording you privacy. 

What Features Do the Palladio Collection Offer?

The Palladio collection of composite doors provide numerous design features that make them stand out. If you opt for our composite doors for your property, then you can expect:

  • A monocoque structure that provides a high strength to weight ratio.
  • Decorative glazed panels with toughened safety glass.
  • An eight-point hook locking mechanism with a deadlatch.
  • Concealed hinges for an improved appearance.
  • Fantastic seals that keep out the wind and rain.
  • Colour coordinated gaskets and other components.
  • Durable handles used throughout.

The Advantages of Composite Doors

As well as affording many features that owners will love, our composite doors provide several benefits that are not always apparent with inferior products. If you opt for the Palladio collection for your choice of front door, then you will enjoy:

  • Superb levels of home security – Palladio collection doors are virtually impenetrable.
  • Low maintenance and corrosion-resistant uPVC parts.
  • Modern and traditional styles to suit every household.
  • Great warmth retention properties that beat standard doors hands down.
  • Improved kerb appeal – get a better-looking door without compromising on performance.
  • Durability – install an exterior door that will last even if it is in an exposed location.
  • Greater longevity – these doors are built to last for a very long time indeed.
  • Energy efficient: less than 1 u-Value rating with triple-glazing

Discover Why the Palladio Collection of Composite Doors Would Be Right For Your Home

There is plenty to learn about the design and construction of high-quality composite doors, such as those in the Palladio collection. If you would like to download a brochure so you can understand just how they are put together and designed to last, then feel free to do so. There again, you can always contact us directly by phone or email and one of the K&K Windows team will be only too pleased to respond to your enquiry.

We have recently added a new feature to our website in which you can design your dream door and visualise it on your own home. This feature allows you to explore all colour, handle, and glass options available across all Palladio door designs, and then import a picture to visualise it on your own home. You can even submit your details to us along with your design and we can quote you for the exact door of your dreams. Start designing your dream door now.

How Our Palladio Doors Save You Energy

Key Video Takeaways


All palladio doors are double rebated. That means that you have to secure seals on the door that are guaranteed to keep out any wind or rain that the irish climate can throw at it. The solid part of the door leaf has been tested to achieve a u value of 0.205 and the combined u value of the triple glazed door is 0.98


As you will see from the video test on the door, the Palladio door is extremely strong.In addition all doors feature an 8 point hook locking system with a dead latch. The locking system is pas 23/24 approved and secured by design


All your questions answered.

What is a composite door?
Essentially, a composite door is made from multiple materials – not just uPVC or wood – which means that they offer the best properties of all the components that go into them. If you are replacing your external doors or want something for an extension, then there are few better choices you could make.
How can I look after composite doors?
Like our uPVC doors and windows, the composite doors in the Palladio collection are built to last. As such, they require very little maintenance. With various different colour finishes available, you will not need to paint your door to keep it looking good. Even if you have a south-facing aspect and your door is exposed to bright sunshine for most of the day, it will not fade unnecessarily. However, if you want to paint your composite door in the future to give it a different colour, then there is nothing to stop you. Just wipe your door over from time to time to prevent the build-up of grime from splashes. That's all you need to do!