Timber-Aluminium Windows

Timber-Aluminium is stylish, modern, and sustainable. They offer great thermal insulation, as low as 0.65W/(m2K), guaranteeing a comfortable temperature inside your home. Along with brilliant noise reduction, security, and a concealed locking system. In the highlighted links there is windows with interior blinds which Internorm offer. The blinds are great for protection against sun and insects and provide functionality and enhance the appearance of your home. They can also be integrated into a Smart Home and controlled from your smartphone/tablet.

HF 410 and HF 510 Windows

These are the specific Timber-Aluminium windows we are focusing on for the moment. both have all the same benefits as mentioned above. The making of them consists of Internal View, I-tec Core, and I-tec Glazing. Both windows have a slim, modern frame and large areas of glazing for increased light protection. The I-tec Core makes this window exceptionally stable and robust, making larger windows solutions possible. the combination of timber, insulating foam and aluminium cladding provides thermal performance. There is a wide range of colours in these windows offering unlimited designs.

Timber-Aluminium Front Doors

These front doors are truly aesthetically appealing as they add a touch of elegance and warmth to your home. They are triple glazed windows and the insulation is next to known with these front doors too as they can maintain comfortable temperatures within your home. Not to mention they are eco-friendly. The aluminium of these doors adds the strength to these doors with brilliant security and durability.

Lift & Sliding Doors

The lift and sliding doors are energy efficient with fibre glass threshold for optimum thermal insulation. They are easy to lift and slide up to 400 kg sash weight. They are triple glazed. With thermal insulation up to 0.73 W/m2K. the noise reduction is brilliant in these sliding doors along with great security. They create a bright home with large glazing up to 10.5m2.

Entrance Doors

With Internorm stylish entrance doors you can really make a statement with your home. Each door is created to our customers individual requirements, from different designs, colours, finishes, handles and glass options. Even adding a fingerprint scanner for security.


The I-tec secure systems guarantees maximum protection. When locking windows, flaps open and press into frame on all sides, making it impossible to lever the window. Lockable handles offer optimal security for use by children as well are burglary. The electronic opening detector is discreet and reliable, these reports whether the window or door is open, tilted or locked. Laminated glass doesn’t shatter when broken, it ensures glass stays within the frame and does not cause an injury.

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