Our Stunning Range of uPVC Casement Windows

uPVC casement windows are one the most popular choices among our customers. As we make each project to measure, we can offer our customers a fantastic range of style and colour options when choosing casement windows and the style to best suit your home.

Our uPVC casement windows come in a wide variety of styles, colours and opening types, such as top hung, side hung or fixed. Each one is individually designed according to your specifications and manufactured by our team of skilled craftspeople. Every uPVC casement window is custom made with your choice of frame, glass and configuration making them adaptable to your project.

Key Features

  • An elegant slimline profile that is also immensely strong and internally reinforced
  • Available in over 40 different colours and a variety of finishes the range of options are endless.
  • We use toughened glass in all our windows which helps with energy efficiency and reduction of noise as well as adding an extra layer of security.
  • Smart-looking and cost-effective material that will not fade as it ages.
  • Unlike timber frames, you do not need to paint uPVC and it will look just as good many years after it was first installed as it does on day one. What’s more, the uPVC frames on offer from K&K windows provide great Thermal insulation.

A Range of Colour Options with uPVC Windows

At K&K Windows, we make uPVC windows in dozens of different colours. White remains one of the most popular choices because it reflects lots of light and looks good in virtually any setting. However, our uPVC frames can be made in all sorts of different colours so you have plenty of options if you would like an entirely different look. Even better, our uPVC windows can have textures added to them. For example, if you would like a wood grain effect with your choice of casement windows, then we can provide you with just that.

Ideal for All Kinds of Home Renovation Projects

Whether you are running a self-build project and want a brand new set of casement windows or are simply replacing your current set, our uPVC windows will fit the bill. There are many, many different styles to choose from so you can update the look of your property at a stroke if you want something more modern. Equally, our uPVC windows can be made with a traditional look, if you prefer. Either way, we will provide you with modern locks and handles to help keep your home secure. You can also expect precisely constructed hinges that are up to the job of coping with repeated use.