Bay, Bow & Corner Windows

At K&K Windows, we offer a huge range of different window products including casement windows, sash windows and bay windows. Bay windows can be straight, angled or rounded-off. They add to the architectural sophistication of a property because they look attractive when viewed either from the inside or the outside. 

Key Features

  • Increases the Light Flow
  • Strong & durable
  • Various colours available
  • Multiple finishes available
  • Low maintenance

The Strengths of uPVC Bay Windows

When uPVC is chosen for the frame of a bay window, you will enjoy a great deal of durability. This makes the bay windows supplied by K&K Windows secure, tough and robust even when they are opened and closed every day. What’s more the uPVC on offer for our bay windows can be specified in numerous different colours, not just white. If you want a wood grain effect, then this can be included, too.

Furthermore, our uPVC frames can be given a slight chamfer that is reminiscent of traditional wooden windows for a stylish finishing touch.

Maintaining K&K Bay Windows

With our bay window range, there is very little you need to think about in terms of ongoing maintenance. Because our bay windows are framed with long-lasting uPVC, you will not need to paint or weatherproof your windows as they get older. They won’t fade from exposure to sunlight, either. This means that you simply need to wipe them over to keep them in pristine condition, something that you can do when you clean your glazing. Other than that, our bay windows are virtually maintenance-free.