As discussed on the phone I have some extremely positive feedback from work I had completed recently, I wanted to email you personally.
Let me call out some notable people:

• Jimmy – absolute gentleman to deal with. Patient, informative and very efficient in getting back to me. Clearly takes pride in what he does and you can tell has a great level of experience when dealing with customers.

• Edel & Mary-Anne – super super helpful anytime I called or if I had any questions at all. They both represent your brand so well on the phone these two.

• Austin Powers – really polite, lovely manner about him and again really patient when answering any questions. However, he did rob half a tin of my good biscuits but I’ll let him away with it……

• Anthony – the general on the job! Here’s a man who takes true pride in what he does. Brilliant workmanship and always in great form. Cannot recommend this man highly enough, he was top class.

• Mick and Tommy aka Gay Byrne – two absolute gents, really clean around the place and again their attention to detail was second to none. They even hung two pictures for me, really grateful for that!

• Polish Guy – didn’t catch this lads name but again was really polite and I noticed how hard he worked each day he was at my house.

All in all, I am extremely happy with the service from start to finish and I am so happy I went with K&K.

Thank you lads for setting such a high standard – you are a dying breed!!