French Windows

  • The style of a door in a window
  • With all the benefits of a casement window and more.
  • These windows are an outstanding architectural element for the building façade. It adds to the beauty of the building exteriors.
  • They provide view of the surroundings and add the element of nature to the interior spaces.
  • Brilliant Fire Escapes.
  • French windows with stained glass panes can add to the interior décor.
  • French windows decorated with curtains and blinds are splendid interior decoration elements.

Colourful Options:

colour swatch-web

There’s now 44 different colours and woodgrain finishes to choose from, thanks to the resources, committment and the desire to offer the homeowner more from Kömmerling. Bold colours and the very latest woodgrain options can be incorporated into your home in either



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