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recycle“At K&K Windows we do our best to recycle all of our waste and use the most effective environmentally
friendly products and services possible. We think Green 
in order to protect the environment.”

Be Kinder to your Environment use   LEAD FREE PVCu K&K WINDOWS

  • Added Value at no extra cost:
  • K&K Windows Greenline product boosts the benefits of PVCu Windows
  • 100% Lead Free PVCu Windows
  • We Recycle all materials possible
  • K&K Windows Greenline is Environmentally Friendly
  • €€€ Greenline is Cost Effective
  • Greenline Enhances Performance

Choose K&K Windows Ltd and you are opting for a product that not only provides value now but will remain in Excellent condition for Generations




Greenline is a lead-free stabilizer included in our PVCu formula to provide high-quality window profiles that meet tomorrow’s environmental standards today. By choosing this advanced generation of PVCu windows, you have also chosen to support a more environmentally friendly and sustainable material.
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This publication provides an overview of our environmental initiatives, greenline® and recycline®, highlighting the advances that have been made to ensure our daily operations have a minimal impact on the world around us. It identifies the social and economic benefits sustainability can produce for KBE customers, demonstrating that environmentally friendly initiatives can reap many rewards for those who pursue them.

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KOMMERLING Savings Calculator.

Now with the KOMMERLING online energy savings and CO2 calculator on THE KOMMERLING WEBSITE, (Click to check it out to see how much you can save today). It is so easy to see and visualise how much money you can actually save and how much more heat you can retain in your home naturally.


All palladio doors are double rebated. That means that you have to secure seals on the door that are guaranteed to keep out any wind or rain that the irish climate can nthrow at it. The solid part of the door leaf has been tested to achieve a u value of 0.205 and the combined u value of the triple glazed door is 0.98


As you will see from the video test on the door, the palladio door is extremely strong.In addition all doors feature an 8 point hook locking system with a dead latch. The locking system is pas 23/24 approved and secured by design

Treble Seal

Reducing the amount of air that leaks in and out of your home is a cost effective way to:

  • Cut heating and cooling costs
  • Improve durability
  • Increase Comfort
  • Create a healthier indoor environment

Have you made your Home security your number 1 Priority?

New windows. Modern security technology for the best possible protection.

New windows. Modern security technology for the best possible protection.

According to the CSO Ireland in 2015, less than every 10 minutes there was a burglary. And not only at nights, but also during the day, when the occupants are not at home. Above all, burglars enter homes through windows or balcony or terrace doors. And it is precisely here where many burglary attempts are foiled by the right security technology. If the burglar fails to enter within a very short time, they quickly start looking for another building. So it is always worth your while to invest in modern security measures. Not least of all, security also means living quality.

Safe windows and doors are fitted with special glazing, burglar resistant frames and fittings, and additional locks or grilles. Depending on your individual security needs, you can choose from a range of resistance classes between RC 1 and RC 6. Generally, the resistance classes RC 1 and RC 2 prove adequate.

Yet you too can do something to protect yourself and your home – with quite simple means. Close all windows and doors, even when you are out for a short time only. Never leave the windows in the tilted or ventilating position – not even on higher floors. Burglars will otherwise feel invited, especially when garden furniture or ladders make it easier for them to gain access.

Explain your individual needs to your specialised window maker. He will advise you on the right solution. Bear in mind: Only proper installation ensures full protection against forced entry.